Our Story

Meet the faces behind Baked by M&G.

Hi there!

Our names are Melanie & Georgia and we're the twins behind Baked by M&G.

Our story begins way back in 1956 when our grandmother, who we affectionately call Yiayia, departed from Athens on a one-way ticket headed straight for Brisbane, Australia.

Almost four weeks later, Yiayia found herself in this strange new land, surrounded by unfamiliar people, confronted with a language completely foreign to her. And yet, as a young newlywed, she was filled with the hope of a better life for her family, future children and ensuing grandchildren.

"Home is where ever the family is."

Undeterred by all of these unknowns, Yiayia immersed herself in the one thing that came as second nature to her – she cooked and baked, and spread joy and love through hearty traditional Greek food. She made the most of local produce and the ingredients available to her, and lovingly tended to her garden which flourished with fresh fruit and vegetables.
Yiayia was quick to embrace Australia as her new homeland, and often assured her husband that “home is wherever the family is”.
Surviving the hardships of war, Yiayia taught us never to take food for granted, cook with love and care, and most importantly, never leave a crumb sitting on our plates. Growing up, we were blessed with the tastes, textures and aromas of authentic Greek food cooked lovingly by the hands of Yiayia.

Spreading little moments of magic.

As we grew older, Yiayia was overjoyed to share cooking sessions with us twins, passing on valuable advice that her grandmother had given her. Watching and learning from the master, we began to acquire a knack for cooking and baking, and eventually started spreading little moments of magic with food whenever and wherever we could.
Fast-forward a decade or two, we’ve both finally succumbed to the calling in our veins. Baked by M&G was established in the memory of Yiayia who sadly passed away in 2017. While she isn’t here to see what her legacy has become, we know she would have been over the moon to see us similarly spread joy and happiness through our food – food that’s not meant to be enjoyed alone, but shared with friends, family and loved ones.